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Why should I test my Lawn & Garden Soil?

  • Recommendations based on how well the soil will supply nutrients for plant growth will be provided for lime and nutrient application.
  • Testing the soil can save you money in the long run. By following the recommendations, you can vary application rates throughout the lawn or garden instead using a blanketed rate over the entire area. This will save on the total product used.


When do I sample?

  • Generally sampling every two to four years is sufficient.
  • Gardens: Anytime that the soil is not frozen. But try not to sample soon after nutrient or lime application.
  • Lawns: Again, try to steer clear of sampling after any applications.

How do I sample the soil?

  • The soil around a home can vary a great deal. Do your best to sample areas that are similar by characteristics and management practices.
  • Composite samples from various locations within an area to make one sample for a designated area.
    • Collect samples from 5 locations (or more) and combine into a composite sample
    • The number of composite samples is dependent on the regularity and past management practices of the area being sampled.
  • Gardens: be aware of changes in soil texture between areas, especially when sampling a large garden. Also, if one area of the garden has a history of poor production it may be wise to sample separately.
  • Lawns: if there are areas that aren't as green or lush as others then they should be sample separately.
  • Use either a soil probe or a trowel to sample the top 6" of the soil.
  • After mixing the composite sample place it into either a plastic bag or a soil sample bag.
    • Label the bag well. Each bag should include:
    • Your name
    • The area designation (i.e. backyard, N-garden, etc.)
    • The sample number (i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc.)
    • The type area sampled (i.e. lawn, veg. garden, etc.)
  • Be sure to Request a Lawn & Garden Kit which includes everything you will need to submit a sample or download and complete the Lawn and Garden Information Sheet for samples you intend to drop off at one of our locations.




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