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Soil Sampling Services

Dairyland Labs offers a complete soil sampling service to meet our customer’s needs.

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Conventional Soil Sampling

Conventional soil samples are typically taken at a rate of 1 sample per 5 acres. Each sample is composed of 10 or more soil cores taken in a “W” pattern to obtain a representative sample. After sampling is complete, maps with sample locations are emailed or mailed to the customer to allow for quick management decisions.

Grid Soil Sampling

We offer GPS soil sampling grid sizes of 1 acre, 2.5 acres, and 5 acres. A handheld PC and GPS receiver are used to collect boundaries, set grid locations and record sampling points.  Adjustments to the sampling points can be made in the field to eliminate unrepresentative sample locations within the field. Later, after samples have been tested in our lab, soil data is linked directly to the grid points and map books are created showing aerial imagery, soil types, and soil test values. The software program we use saves sample locations and test values to be used for future sampling.


Figure 1. Soil test K values (ppm) 2.5 acre grid sampling

Dairyland Laboratories, Inc.

VRT  (Variable Rate Technology)

From soil sample data, we are able to create VRT spreader files, nutrient trend maps and recommendation maps for customers at an additional charge. The spreader files are produced specifically for the customer’s spreader controller for quick, easy start-up.
Dairyland Laboratories, Inc.
Figure 2. Soil test K

Advantages of Grid Sampling/Variable

• Reduces or eliminates lime/fertilizer use in areas of the field that are at or near sufficient levels
• Provides ability to increase yields in already high producing areas
• Allows the operator to better focus on problem areas within the field
• Provides the ability to resample the same locations to note changes over time
• Easy to transfer boundaries and soil test points to many mapping programs
• Simple to customize recommendations based on customer needs
For more information please fill out this Request Form or call one of the following contacts:
Mark Schaffner
Soil Sampling Technician Lead
Office (608) 323-2123
Cell (608) 323-0044
Rod Ellwanger
Soil Business Manager
Office (608) 323-2123 
Cell (715) 415-7254


For more information call Dairyland Laboratories, Inc. at 608-323-2123 or contact us here.