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Our soil sampling team takes great pride in offering timely and organized services. In order to optimize our services we recommend that soil sampling customers complete the following form.


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Map of are where farms are located
Driving Directions
Aerial Maps of each farm to be sampled including names and instructions (must match Snap Plus if applicable)
Desired sample labeling per field (numberd numerically if not indicated)
Soil Testing Package
* Is this data going to be used in Snap Plus? If yes, field names must match exactly

* Which type of sampling would you like?

* Is this sampling for a Nutrient Management Plan or any government program including cost share programs? (If yes, 5 acres per sample required)

Please complete the following questions if grid sampling is desired.
Desired grid size per sample

Do field boundaries exist from previous sampling?

Are there established grid points from previous sampling?

Any additional instructions or comments?
For more information call Dairyland Laboratories, Inc. at 608-323-2123 or contact us here.