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Soil Types

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Specific soil type information and county of field location are now required in order to receive complete nutrient recommendations on the Soil Test Report.  The soil type or soil series information can be obtained from a variety of resources including printed soil survey maps or the Web Soil Survey

If you are not familiar with these resources, the predominate "Soil Map Unit" for a specific field can be obtained using the following instructions.  The specific soil type, soil series, or soil map unit must be listed on the Soil Informaiton Sheet along with the county of field location in order to receive complete nutrient recommendations.

Soil Type Display Instructions

Faster Internet Connection (Interactive/Online 590 Maps) 
                           *Recommended Method*

1. Go to 
2. Select ‘Interactive/Online 590 Restriction Maps’ 
3. After reading page click ‘Proceed’. 
4. Select ‘New Site’ 
5. On left side click on the box next to Map Theme and switch to ‘590-Layers Active’ 
6. Click on the ‘zoom in’ tool with magnifying glass near top left of the page. 
7. Click and hold creating a box over your area of interest on the map 
a. Repeat step 7 until the field is in full view of the screen 
8. Select ‘Get Info’ tool 
9. Record dominant soil type info (soil name, not soil code) 
10. Use ‘pan’ or ‘zoom out’ tools to repeat process for multiple fields 

Slower Internet Connection Option (590 Nutrient App. Restriction Maps) 

1. Go to 
2. Select appropriate county on the state map 
3. Click ‘I agree’ 

       Option 1. If Township/ Range and Section # are known 

                    a. Select County (on the left side of page) 
                    b. Select Township/Range 
                    c. Select Section # 
                    d. Proceed to step 4 below 

       Option 2. If Township/ Range and Section # are not known 

                    a. Double click on the map close to the wanted farm/field 
                    b. Repeat until zoomed to section # containing farm/fields 

4. Select gray ‘Download’ tab containing County, Township, Range, and Section # 
5. Find a field on the PDF and select most dominant soil type code from field

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