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Prior to sending soil samples to the lab, be sure to complete the soil information sheet to ensure that your samples receive the appropriate test package and recommendations based on your test results. Samples can be dropped of at any Dairyland Laboratories Inc. location. Samples can also be shipped via USPS, UPS, or FedEx.  See our shipping details for more information on shipping options.

Contact your local Dairyland Laboratories Inc. location to inquire about pick up routes in your area or one of our Agronomy Key Contacts with any other questions about our soil testing services. 

A soil test is only as good as a soil sample. An acre of soil to a 6-inch depth in a typical agricultural field weighs about 1,000 tons, yet less than 1 ounce of soil is used for each test in the laboratory. Before you take a sample, take a moment to review the sampling procedures outlined in the adjoining pages.  

Sampling for:

Crop production

Lawn and garden

Wildlife food plots

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For more information call Dairyland Laboratories, Inc. at 608-323-2123 or contact us here.