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Understanding Your Results

A Soil Report contains information identifying the sample, the lab analysis results, an interpretation of the soil nutrient levels based on selected crops, and Wisconsin nutrient recommendations based on crops to be grown and projected yield goals. 

The Laboratory Analysis section or your report shows the value of each nutrient or soil characteristic based on the laboratory tests that were performed on that item.  Each sample is tested and reported individually with a field average computed and listed for each field.

The Interpretation and Wisconsin Nutrient Recommendations sections of your report are based on the guidelines found in the publication A2809-Nutrient Application Guidelines for Field, Vegetable, and Fruit Crops in Wisconsin, including the Supplemental Nitrogen Corn Table. This publication can be reviewed for more detail about the interpretations and recommendations listed on your Soil Report.

Please feel free to contact our Agronomy Key Contacts with questions about your soil test results.




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