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Dairyland provides many testing supplies at no additional charge including postage-paid mailers for both UPS and USPS, Esample bags and stickers, Fecal starch kits, apparent digestibility kits, feed sample submission cards, and livestock water kits.  Please complete the following form to have supplies shipped directly to you.

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Feed Submission Forms
Feed Sample Bags
Large UPS mailers with UPS labels (4-8 samples)
Small UPS mailers with UPS labels (2-3 samples)
Large USPS mailers (4-8 samples)
Small USPS mailers (2-3 samples)
Esample Bags with Esample stickers (bundles of 100)
Esample Stickers (rolls of 100)
UPS Labels only (print your own)
UPS Labels only (printed by Dairyland)
Fecal Starch Kits
Apparent Digestibility Kits
Livestock Water Kits (postage not included)
Which Laboratory would you like your shipping supplies addressed to?

Additional requests and comments
For more information call Dairyland Laboratories, Inc. at 608-323-2123 or contact us here.