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IVSD7-o and Starch MIR_P1T1 kd rates are designed to provide values appropriate for ration balancing, including use within CNCPS version 6.5.  These values can be measured by wet chemistry or NIR and are well correlated to other known indicators of starch digestibility including soluble protein and ammonia. 

When integrated into starch digestion models with a passage rate of 8%/hr, these values will predict rumen degradabilities within a range of 40-80% for corn grain, earlage, snaplage, and corn silage. 


Dairyland Laboratories Inc

IVSD7-O R-squared values vs SP%CP vs Ammonia % CP
Corn Silage .54 .52
Snaplage/Earlage .57 .57
Corn Grain/HMSC .62 .61







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