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Ross RUP & UCP

The rumen degradability of intestinal digestibility of protein sources has a direct impact on animal performance. Numerous methods have been developed over the past 30+ years to accurately estimate protein degradability and digestibility in ruminants including the detergent fiber system, strep. Griseus, three-step, and modified three-step procedures.  Dairyland has adopted the Cornell method presented by Dr. Debbie Ross at the 2013 Cornell Nutrition Conferene which utilizes a 16 hour in vitro analysis for RUP and an enzymatic evaluation of the intestinal digestibility. 

The Cornell method for rumen degradability and intestinal digestibility has demonstrated analytical advantages in its sensitivity, accuracy, and ability to utilize as-is samples for most high protein feeds. In addition, this method will be utilized within CNCPS based models as the standard measure for intestinal protein digestibility.

An in-depth discussion of this method can be found in this manuscript and these PowerPoint slides.


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