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Major crops affected:

Corn, small grains, and rice

Associated mold:


Conditions favoring production:

Cool and wet weather


Associated with gastroenteritis, intestinal hemorrhages (Petrie et al., 1977; Mirocha et al., 1976), and death (Hsu et al., 1972 and Kosuri et al., 1970).

FDA Levels:

Guidelines have not been established, but avoiding levels above 100 ppb may be reasonable.

Mycotoxin Concern Levela Cattleb Swineb
T-2 (ppb)      
TRDM 250 700-1,500 700-1,500

a Level indicating possible favorable conditions for mycotoxins and probable need for further testing of all feeds or the TMR. Pending further tests, negative samples should be considered at concern levels in the presence of moderate symptoms and at harmful levels with marked symptoms. Limit amounts fed if moderate performance effects are present. Discontinue use at least temporarily if pronounced performance effects or acute clinical symptoms are present. Closely observe animals and continue checking for other possible causes.

b Potentially Harmful - Mycotoxins at these levels indicate probably involvement in performance effects or acute clinical symptoms. Discontinue feeding at least temporarily in the presence of either type of symptoms. Observe animals closely in the absence of symptoms and do further testing of all feeds or the TMR.

e TRDM = total ration dry matter.


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