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Dairyland Laboratories uses a wide array of test methods to provide our clients with the most accurate analyses possible for all of the materials we test. Our methods to analyze Feed & Forage are based on the latest research findings and technical methodologies available within the feed industry.


Ash of Animal Feed: AOAC Official Method 942.05(1996).

Corn Silage Processing Score (CSPS)

“Particle Size, Fragmentation Index, and Effective Fiber: Tools for Evaluating the Physical Attributes of Corn Silages”. Proc. Four State Dairy Nut pg 211-220 2005 Mertens, David R., 2005.


NDFD (Neutral Detergent Fiber Digestibility)

Fermented in flasks using the method of Goering and Van Soest (1970) with the modification that a composite inoculum containing strained ruminal fluid and blended ruminal solids. Residue analyzed by NDF procedure.

Starch Digestibility

“In vitro Starch Disappearance Procedure Modifications” – Animal Feed Science and Technology 55 pg 35-45 1995. (Modification includes using Goering and Soest (1970) method with modification that a composite inoculums containing strained ruminal fluid and blended ruminal solids for digestion and starch procedure below for residual starch determination).

Protein Digestibility Development of an In Vitro Intestinal Digestibility Assay for Ruminant Feeds – Proceedings for 75th Cornell Nutrition Conference for Feed Manufacturers pg 190-202  Ross, D.A. 2013

Dry Matter

Dairy Liquid Dry Matter

Solids (Total) in Milk. AOAC Official Method 990.20 16th  Edition, Ch 33 pg 32.

Partial Dry Matter Using Forced-air Drying Ovens

Adapted from Goering, H.K., and P.J. Van Soest. 1970. Forage fiber analyses (apparatus, reagents, procedures, and some applications. ARS/USDA Handbook No. 379, Superintendent of Documents, US Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402. NFTA Method

Dry Matter in Forages

Oven-drying in forced air oven at less than 60C until sample contains less than 6% moisture. This is followed by NFTA Method 2.1.4 Dry Matter by Oven Drying for 3 hours at 105° C.

Moisture in Meat

Method MOI, Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Guidebook, USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, May 1993.


Acid Hydrolysis Fat

(As requested or with non-dairy liquid samples)
Determination of total fat in feed and feed ingredients using the SoxCap 2047 in combination with Soxtec extraction systems, Foss Analytical AB Soxtec System Application Note AN3902(2006).

Crude Fat: Diethyl Ether Extract

(Default Method)
Fat (Crude) or Ether Extract in Animal Feeds, AOAC Official Method 920.39 16th Edition ch4 pg25 (Automated with Foss Soxtec 2047 instrument with the use of diethyl ether).

Crude Fat: Petroleum Ether Extract

(Official Method of the Distillers Grain Technology Council)
Fat (Crude) or Ether Extract in Animal Feeds,  AOAC Official Method 920.39 16th Edition ch4 pg25 (Automated with Foss Soxtec 2047 instrument with the use of petroleum ether).

Fatty Acid Analysis

Fatty Acid Analysis in Animal Feeds: Method workshop from 30th Annual MW AOACI Meeting and Exposition. Kraft, J. and Palmquist, D. (Modification using a packed column instead of capillary column).

Mojonnier Fat

Mojonnier method, Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products; 16th edition ch15F pp474-479 (1992).


ADF (Acid Detergent Fiber)

Fiber (Acid Detergent) and Lignin in Animal Feed: AOAC Official Method 973.18 (1996) (Modification includes use of Sea Sand for filter aid as needed).

Crude Fiber

Fiber (Crude) in Animal Feed and Pet Food (Fritted Glass Crucible Method): AOAC Official Method 978.10 ch4 p28 (1979) (Modification includes use of Sea Sand for filter aid as needed).


Fiber (Acid Detergent) and Lignin in Animal Feed: AOAC Official Method
973.18 (1996) (Modification includes use of Sea Sand for filter aid as needed, use of Whatman GF/C filter paper to collect residue, and holding crucibles in beakers to cover fiber with 72% sulfuric acid for full time required).

NDF (Neutral Detergent Fiber)

Amylase-Treated Neutral Detergent Fiber in Feeds AOAC Official Method 2002.04 2005(Modification includes use of Sea Sand for filter aid and Whatman GF/C filter paper for residue collection).

Forage Particle Size

Method of Determining and Expressing Particle Size of Chopped Forage Materials by Screening, ASAE Forage Harvesting and Utilization Committee, ANSI/ASAE S424 June 24, 1988.

Grain Particle Size

Measuring and defining particle size of feedstuffs. In: First International Symposium on Particle Size Reduction in the Feed Industry. Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS. Behnke, K. 1985.


Metals in Plants

AOAC Official Method 953.01 16th edition, Ch3 pg 2.

Dry Ash

Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium (Short Mineral Analysis) Wisconsin Soil Testing and Plant Analysis Procedures No. 6 Soil Fertility Series 1970 Revised 1977.

Microwave Digestion

50% Nitric Acid in High Energy CEM MarS Express microwave diluted to 10% then analyzed on ICP.

Mineral Mix

.5 grams of sample, 10 mls of HCl to dryness then 10 mLs of Aquaregia for 10 minutes on a hot plate, diluted to 100mL of water then analyzed by ICP.

Determination of Sulfur in feed materials using ICP-OES and microwave digestion; Mullins S., Bartos J., Newlon N., Office of Indiana State Chemist. May 2007.


Sample is extracted in water, filtered and measured by way of Corning 926 Chloride Analyzer.



Multitoxin Mycotoxin Detection Method by LC-MSMS (Method Code: 45)
M. Sulyok, Rapid commun. Mass Spectrom. 2006; 20: 2649-2659
E.M. Binder; Romer Spotlight Vol. 8 


Total Aflatoxin Levels in Peanut Butter AOAC 991.45
Total Aflatoxin (B1, B2, and G1) in Corn AOAC-IUPAC 993.16
Aflatoxin B1 in Corn and Roasted Peanuts AOAC-IUPAC 990.32
Aflatoxin B1 in Cottonseed Products and Mixed Feed AOAC-IUPAC 989.06
Determination of Total Fumonisins in Corn AOAC 2001.06
Zearalenone in Corn, Wheat, and Feed AOAC 994.01


Screening Analysis

Blue-Violet for Nitrate Ion. Journal of Chem. Educ Grotz, Leonard C.; Vol. 50, No. 1 Jan. 1973, p 63(Diphenylamine used on dried ground sample to screen for nitrate presence).

Quantitative Analysis

Nitrate in Forages.  AOAC Official Method 986.31 16th Edition, Chp14 pg 5. (Modified to include boric acid, silver sulfate, and sulfamic acid in the extracting solution).


Analytical Methods Guide, Orion Research, May 1977.


Determination of Prolamin Proteins in Corn. UW Grain Evaluation System
Workshop 6/2/09

Protein - Nitrogen

ADICP (Acid Detergent Insoluble Crude Protein)

Residue from ADF method is collected by use of Whatman 541 (nitrogen-free) paper or Whatman GF/C filter paper before analysis for nitrogen by Crude Protein method.


Ammonium-N determination by distillation, Recommended Methods of Manure Analysis. ch4 sec1: 25 (2003), (Modification using Kjelsorb reagent).

Nitrogen and Crude Protein

Protein (Crude) in Animal Feed: Combustion Method.  AOAC Official Method 990.03 16th Edition, Ch 4 pg 18.

Neutral Detergent Insoluble Crude Protein

Residue from the NDF method (minus sodium sulfite) is collected by use of Whatman 541 (nitrogen-free) paper or Whatman GF/C filter paper before analysis for nitrogen by Crude Protein method.

Protein Dispersibility Index

AOCS Official Method., BA 10-65.


Acid Hydrolysis Starch

Determining Corn Germ and Pericarp Residual Starch by Acid Hydrolysis Cereal Chemistry 86(2):133-135 Vidal, B.C Jr., Rausch, K.D., Tumbleson, M.E., Singh, V.

Dietary Starch

Starch Analysis in Animal Feed: Method workshop from 30th Annual MW AOACI Meeting and Exposition. Method that is undergoing AOAC collaborative study. (Modification: Glucose analysis completed on YSI 2700 Select Biochemistry analyzer instead of using GOPOD).

Total Ethanol Soluble Carbohydrates

Neutral Detergent-Soluble Carbohydrates Nutritional Relevance and Analysis, Hall, M.B., Lab Manual (University of Florida) Bulletin 339.

Total Water Soluble Carbohydrates

Extraction procedure adapted from Derias, R.E. 1961. J. Sci. Fd. Agric. 12:152 (Method for determination water soluble carbohydrates).  Detection procedure from Neutral Detergent-Soluble Carbohydrates Nutritional Relevance and Analysis, Hall, M.B., Lab Manual(University of Florida) Bulletin 339

Urease Activity

AOCS Official Method., BA 9-58.

Volatile Fatty Acids, Lactic Acid, and Ethanol

“Determination of Volatile Carboxylic Acids (C1-C5i) and Lactic Acid in Aqueous Acid Extracts of Silage by High Performance Liquid Chromatography”  Journal of Sci. Food Agric 35pp1178-1182 (1984) Modification by Dr. Richard Muck, U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center, Madison, WI.


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