NIR Systems Aren't Easy

• Sampling diverse geographies and growing conditions is complicated.
• No two instruments are the same.
• Reference analyses are not uniform across labs.
• End users want different parameters and "just want it to work."

Boost Your NIR Program Development With...

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Samples From Across The Globe

Representing diverse geographies and growing conditions in your sample set is easier when you have a network of 70+ global locations to pull from. By partnering with Dairyland, the world's leading NIR vendors access the samples they need to develop robust NIR systems. 

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Analyses From a Recognized Brand

Feed testing methods:

  • Are generally not regulated
  • Have few third-party certification programs
  • Continuously evolve in conjunction with formulation programs

When working with Dairyland you know the reference methods:

  • Translate into modern and historical formulation programs (CNCPS, NASEM, NRC, ect.)
  • Use third-party certification programs whenever available
  • Are the result of decades of experience and published research

Experience Where It Counts

NIR systems should be more science than art, but forages are more complicated than textbook examples like wheat flour.  

With more than 40 years of experience developing our own NIR networks and serving the livestock feeding industry, tapping into Dairyland's expertise can add value to your NIR systems. 

Samples From Across The Globe

Analyses From A Recognized Brand

Experience Where It Counts


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