Specialty and Research Programs

Dairyland prides itself on its collaborative approach with customers, crafting specialized studies tailored to their unique research objectives. By closely engaging with clients, Dairyland ensures that each study aligns precisely with the customer's goals and requirements. Through this personalized approach, Dairyland facilitates the development of innovative solutions and insights in the dairy industry. Whether it's exploring new product formulations or optimizing production processes, Dairyland's dedication to customer-centric research drives meaningful results.


Hybrid Evaluation

Dairyland collaborates closely with partners to create a cutting-edge hybrid evaluation program. Through tailored consultations and collaborative ideation sessions, Dairyland ensures the program meets the unique needs and goals of its partners. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, Dairyland's hybrid evaluation program empowers partners to achieve superior results in dairy agriculture.
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Feed Additive Evaluation

Dairyland teams up with partners to design a comprehensive feed additive evaluation program. Through customized consultations and collaborative brainstorming, Dairyland tailors the program to meet the specific objectives and requirements of its partners. Fueled by a commitment to innovation and performance, Dairyland's feed additive evaluation program equips partners with the tools to optimize feed formulations and enhance dairy production outcomes.

NIR Development

Dairyland collaborates closely with partners to pioneer new and innovative NIR (Near-Infrared) calibrations. Through personalized consultations and joint research initiatives, Dairyland ensures that the calibrations meet the unique needs and objectives of its partners. With a focus on pushing the boundaries of accuracy and efficiency, Dairyland's NIR calibration development empowers partners to unlock deeper insights and advancements in dairy analysis and quality control.
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University Research


Dairyland standardizes real world application of methodologies  by  using officially recognized methods wherever feasible, incorporating third party validations from organizations such as NFTA and AAFCO, and extensive research to develop industry leading digestibility techniques.


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