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SCiO Cup

For Moisture

If the goal is to measure moisture on the farm, SCiO Cup offers the best combination of price and performance among the in-field NIR systems in the market today. 

Dairyland's internal studies of the current SCiO Cup (complete results in the white paper below) concluded that the SCiO Cup can:

  • Be at least as accurate as instruments that cost 2-10x more
  • Reliably predict moisture in alfalfa and corn silage with a standard error of less than 2 points
  • Predict accurately across a wide range of temperatures

In contrast to many of its competitors, SCiO Cup excels at capturing a large surface area of the sample and excluding external light. Like all in-field NIR solutions, SCiO Cup will not work reliably on frozen feeds or feeds with extreme particle-size characteristics, but for high volume/frequent moisture testing, it is hard to beat. 

SCiO Cup hardware, subscriptions, and demonstrations are available at all Dairyland Laboratories locations.



For MQA and Process Control

Feed mill quality assurance and process control situations require an in-field NIR instrument that measures more than just moisture. Here, NeoSpectra by Si-Ware stands out in its ability to collect additional nutrient information through an extended FT-NIR wavelength range, similar to the range used within laboratory instruments. It also stands out in the robustness of its software applications, which go beyond providing raw nutrient values by allowing users to set thresholds for accept/reject decisions, track trends over time, and develop formulation specs from multiple samples.

Like SCiO Cup, NeoSpectra improves most competitors' designs by dramatically increasing the surface area of a sample that is scanned, leading to lower sample-to-sample variation in predicted values. 

NeoSpectra hardware can be purchased directly through their website and available calibrations can be viewed through their LabStore.


On-Site NIR

Affiliate lab opportunities for thorough on-site analysis


NIR Calibration Development

Information on our R&D on calibration development

Contact Details

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Sarah Fessenden

Project Manager - Neo-Spectra

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Lance Herber

Project Manager - Scio Cup

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